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Wait Weight Wate Waits

August 5, 2008

The last few months have brought me back home by way of Rochester NY, Nashville and Knoxville TN, New York NY, Brookline and Boston MA. I have since curated an exhibition, played in my first pub-stage rock concert, peed in 8 different states, drank wine made in a South Philly basement, played catch up with handfuls of old friends, chased jobs and girls and my own tail, won $15 in a game of poker, read a few books, thought a lot about contemporary publishing, was amazed by Antonio López García, ate raw vegan food, realized that the world is smaller than it seems, danced in a supermarket aisle, found out that no matter how hard I try to fake it I’m still too shy, saw a total of 134 live music performances, checked missed connections 4 times, sent out a handful of postcards, saw one of the most misguided exhibitions at the Met, and buried something in the ground for someone else to find.

And now, I am back in Pennsylvania waiting to hear back about a job and the next addition to the list.

I am a bit exhausted but trying to power through it. Still trying to embrace the beauty of a fall in perpetuity. Enjoyed Philadelphia’s First Friday and an after-art trip to Sugar Mom’s.

Sometimes unexpected things come in the mail- like sponge animals.