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Wait Weight Wate Waits

August 5, 2008

The last few months have brought me back home by way of Rochester NY, Nashville and Knoxville TN, New York NY, Brookline and Boston MA. I have since curated an exhibition, played in my first pub-stage rock concert, peed in 8 different states, drank wine made in a South Philly basement, played catch up with handfuls of old friends, chased jobs and girls and my own tail, won $15 in a game of poker, read a few books, thought a lot about contemporary publishing, was amazed by Antonio López García, ate raw vegan food, realized that the world is smaller than it seems, danced in a supermarket aisle, found out that no matter how hard I try to fake it I’m still too shy, saw a total of 134 live music performances, checked missed connections 4 times, sent out a handful of postcards, saw one of the most misguided exhibitions at the Met, and buried something in the ground for someone else to find.

And now, I am back in Pennsylvania waiting to hear back about a job and the next addition to the list.

I am a bit exhausted but trying to power through it. Still trying to embrace the beauty of a fall in perpetuity. Enjoyed Philadelphia’s First Friday and an after-art trip to Sugar Mom’s.

Sometimes unexpected things come in the mail- like sponge animals.


Quantum Meet

March 31, 2008

Arising from an earlier post and open letter to David Horvitz, a small project came together. David and I agreed to meet on Wednesday, March 26th; the meeting, however, was slightly less than conventional. David is living in New York city and I am 250 miles away in Rochester, NY. So, in lieu of a physical meeting, we agreed to sit down for a cup of coffee from 10:30 until 11:00 am (EST), writing down any thoughts and sending each other our respective side of the “conversation” and a photograph made during the meeting.


My note reads:

Triple Bean / Medium / Two Sugars

If I close one eye, I can take $9 off the price of a Rochester Athletic Club membership as listed on a billboard across the street.

Thought about the spring thaw and the return to above-freezing temperatures –

The way numbed senses return when the sun comes out and the snow begins to melt and smells, kept in check since late November, finally release themselves into the air.

The idea of two locations touching at the same time.

If I Write About You On This Blog.

March 20, 2008

David Horvitz presents, “Things for sale that I will mail you” which is possibly the single best use of Paypal ever. Humor, thoughtfulness, curiosity, and creativity manifest themselves in a sort of poetic quirkiness that DH has thrown out into the world.

I just shot a polaroid and sealed it in an envelope before it started developing. Whoever opens the envelope will see it for the first time.
His work deals not just with commerce and exploration, but also with temporality, futility, and distance- tying the whole lot together with an appreciation for semiotics and irony.
I especially enjoy how he has made games out of projects, or are they projects out of games?
Furthermore: A personal note to DH
Perhaps it is possible for us to meet sometime… over a cup of coffee and guarded conversation. I can tell you about the overturned tractor-trailer I saw last week… how it lay on its side like a dinosaur, frozen and dusted with snow. The agony of a heavy thing unable to right itself, a skeleton, a monument. Function turned 90 degrees. OR I can ask you what your favorite word is… OR we could just set a time (EST), show up alone each to our own coffee shop- enjoy a very one-sided / two-way conversation, and send each other a photo of our respective empty cups.


February 4, 2008




I decided to send out some mail this week… some letters were well overdue, others were in appreciation, and another marks the continuation of a letter exchange with someone I have yet to meet. Snail mail left Rochester on Thursday bound for sites around the continental United States… The scent of postal service must be in the air this time of month- as, the following day I received several pieces- ranging from a CD and an insincere gesture, to a postcard written in Portland and postmarked in Reno, to a killer t-shirt by way of Boston. Also, this past weekend I was lucky enough to receive something from Chicago. This one, however, was not handled by the USPS; rather, by JetBlue. Allison visited, and on Saturday we took a trip up to Niagara Falls, Canada. The adventure found us in the company of such human wonders as Gene Simmons himself… We rode a Canadian escalator with the KISS frontman.




A Gene Simmons reference always provides an excellent segue into kissing.






We also carried out our plan for a stampless mailing, leaving a postcard for a friend… well-hidden in the Niagara Falls gift shop, strategically placed under Murray the Moose’s back hoof.







The stream of consciousness map for this entry proceeds as follows:

Receiving mail > receiving a guest > going on a Canadian adventure with said guest > A Gene Simmons sighting > KISS > kissing…

and then the whole journey is loosely tied back together with a piece of mail, left for a friend in Canada, while on an adventure with said guest.