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I Think I’m Falling for You

July 26, 2008

On conservative estimate the average person takes a bout 3,000 steps per day; that means that each day one experiences 3,000 tiny, controlled falls. Every time you take a step, you lean forward and fall slightly, and are caught by your outstretched foot. If you failed to put your foot forward, you would fall flat on your face. After your foot touches the ground, your body’s weight is transferred to it and your knee bends to absorb the shock. The front leg then lifts the body and propels it forward as the rear leg swings up to catch you again, and the cycle repeats.

Above some artists (left to right: Marc Chagall, Li Wei, Kerry Skarbakka, Denis Darzacq, Sam Taylor Wood, Stanley Forman) provide their observations on that moment where the body is dislocated from its connection to the ground. Unlike the myclonic jerks of sleep flight or falling, these pieces show the grace and fluidity of bodies removed from the ceiling and floor of relative gravity. The Icarusian desire to fly with such seeming grace undercuts its impossibility and the dangers of impact. Regardless, they are fleeting moments of serene beauty, the kind of falls we almost let ourselves take 3,000 times a day.

Trying to embrace the beauty of a fall in perpetuity.


Big Dig

July 24, 2008

I had spent a week in NYC before leaving for a three-week stay in Boston. Beantown brought with it the chance to catch up with some friends and provided what was tantamount to hospice care for someone like me, dying in the “real world.” It also provided some quiet days, allowing me to write, create… and wonder- what would Nair do to a grown man? In an effort to find an answer (former foreign correspondent) Aviv bravely disrobed and valiantly volunteered himself for the grand experiment. A rhesus monkey called Scatback flew a sub-orbital flight on December 20, 1961 but was lost at sea after landing. Much like Scatback, Aviv was a hairy pioneer of territories uncharted; but while Scatback is still lost somewhere out at sea, Aviv has found himself in his own private sea of hairless glory and minor chemical burns.

The rest of the Boston trip went swimmingly, but was cut a bit short as I returned to New York City last night for an interview.

Black and ‘Roo

July 11, 2008

Mixing work, pleasure, and family bonding brought the Solitrins to Tennessee from June 12-15. Our first stop was in Nashville and a taste of Southern BBQ at Loveless Cafe. If the biscuits, fried chicken, catfish, and pulled pork weren’t enough, then the delicious next few days were to put us over the top. Another year at Bonnaroo… this time brought a well-stacked and diverse lineup. Needless to say- Music + Photo Credentials + Father’s Day spent with my Pops and Solomon Burke = a stellar time.

And of course, some good old B&W…

Suburban Green

June 19, 2008

He thinks his story went something like this…

Things Missed

June 19, 2008

The dance that goes on between things.

I showed her that trick I could do with my pen- that rubbery illusion. And she smiled. And I smiled.But it was still just a trick.

A lunar eclipse- the moon tucked away, hidden… but still out there. Somewhere in space. And I lie naked, alone, exposed to the light that should be.

The tooth-fairy process.

a natural occurrence + sleep = a wake up reward.

The past handful of weeks have been largely a blur. Since the last week in May I will have traveled close to 3,000 miles; celebrated a graduation and a birthday; opened an exhibition; recovered; said goodbyes, hellos, and everything in between; two oil changes, two rejection letters, tested a friendship that had been asleep for 8 months and another that had been quiet for almost six years;  4,157 photographs… quantitative and qualitative I have been running quickly through life the last several weeks.

The Price Is Right

June 19, 2008

It is always nice to know that you sometimes cross someone’s mind. Today at 2:50pm EST from 41.979˚ N / 87.902˚ W, I crossed Hannah Price’s mind. This makes me smile.


May 21, 2008

I have been fighting sickness for the past few weeks now and in lieu of a restful recovery, I have been struggling to tie up loose ends and preparing to move out of Rochester. I am currently arranged to leave the Lilac City this Saturday, moving myself to Philadelphia. My break from Rochester will not be a clean one however… I will be back almost immediately- the exhibition Circulation is set to open June 6th and I will be quite busy finalizing that effort. The exhibition will feature works from Germany, Argentina, and artists throughout the United States.

This past weekend I received a couple long overdue visitors from NYC- Rick Williamson and Andrew Carlson arrived to share work, stories, and laughs. The two, who are finishing their studies at SVA, were a refreshing change from the recent grind.

As well, tomorrow, I will be hosting a final Print Swap in Rochester. Anyone interested is welcome to show up with their artistic barters at 7:30 EST. 171 Shepard street.

Bookends and Haircuts

May 7, 2008

I received a visit last weekend from musician, former foreign correspondent, and old friend Aviv Rubinstien joined by his partner in aural crime Anne Warnock. My favorite part about seeing Aviv is that things always pick up seamlessly from where they last left off, even if the seam stretches across months and miles. The sometimes boyish and always charming Aviv brings along a certain kind of laughter and an unadulterated self-honesty that I miss terribly… what he left behind- a small trail of cinnamon-bun icing, two bags of gameshow winnings, and 3/4 lb. of hair.

3 Years in the MoMA Bathroom

April 15, 2008

They claim that the show is unprecedented, however, I am able to say that, in fact, a slightly smaller group show exhibited in the MoMA bathroom back in 2005.

Here I am, hanging the 2005 show, which consisted of work by then unknown artists- Justin Solitrin and Ali Sable. (photo credit Dave Londres)

Carney, Lawrence, Hartshorn, and Sigurthorsdottir were a bit better prepared, offering an artist statement and website to go along with their exhibition, but it does not look like they were as meticulously well-hung as the Solitrin/Sable retrospective. This is what the SVA students had to say:

This unprecedented and flexible group show, occurring only in the fifth floor MoMA restrooms, represents a move toward both realism and intimacy in the viewing of artworks in an institutional setting. An aspect of mystery is inherent in the very structure of the show, due to the simple fact that one cannot see all the works without entering both the women’s and men’s rooms. Works consist of photography, drawing, sculpture, installation and performance. The exhibition took place on April 4, 2008, from 6:00 pm to 6:26 pm

As for me… although I can claim a show that pre-dates “Down to Nature”, I cannot claim an original haircut…

As seen here, Tony Danza laid the groundwork for the above-pictured MoMA bathroom haircut of 2005.

The Check

April 15, 2008

The way a pen works, my own pulse heard through a tightly covered ear; the way both get sharper as the pressure increases.