Wait Weight Wate Waits

The last few months have brought me back home by way of Rochester NY, Nashville and Knoxville TN, New York NY, Brookline and Boston MA. I have since curated an exhibition, played in my first pub-stage rock concert, peed in 8 different states, drank wine made in a South Philly basement, played catch up with handfuls of old friends, chased jobs and girls and my own tail, won $15 in a game of poker, read a few books, thought a lot about contemporary publishing, was amazed by Antonio López García, ate raw vegan food, realized that the world is smaller than it seems, danced in a supermarket aisle, found out that no matter how hard I try to fake it I’m still too shy, saw a total of 134 live music performances, checked missed connections 4 times, sent out a handful of postcards, saw one of the most misguided exhibitions at the Met, and buried something in the ground for someone else to find.

And now, I am back in Pennsylvania waiting to hear back about a job and the next addition to the list.

I am a bit exhausted but trying to power through it. Still trying to embrace the beauty of a fall in perpetuity. Enjoyed Philadelphia’s First Friday and an after-art trip to Sugar Mom’s.

Sometimes unexpected things come in the mail- like sponge animals.


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2 Responses to “Wait Weight Wate Waits”

  1. Ben Kessler Says:

    Sounds like a daring summer. I can’t believe things are already wrapping up – going back to school, finding jobs, etc., etc. I hope you plan to stay in the Philly-area for some time… I’m surprised by how much I miss it, even after living in such an amazing city a la San Francisco.

    What kind of jobs are you looking at?

  2. katie Says:

    too bad you came to nyc and never told me.

    bad friend.

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