Black and ‘Roo

Mixing work, pleasure, and family bonding brought the Solitrins to Tennessee from June 12-15. Our first stop was in Nashville and a taste of Southern BBQ at Loveless Cafe. If the biscuits, fried chicken, catfish, and pulled pork weren’t enough, then the delicious next few days were to put us over the top. Another year at Bonnaroo… this time brought a well-stacked and diverse lineup. Needless to say- Music + Photo Credentials + Father’s Day spent with my Pops and Solomon Burke = a stellar time.

And of course, some good old B&W…


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3 Responses to “Black and ‘Roo”

  1. Allison Says:

    love the 2nd and 3rd black and white photographs. they are quite lovely.

    it’s very ethereal (the 2nd one), and i love how the eye is drawn towards the stage, leading you through the crowd, as if you were there. it reminds me of the ending to one of my favorite x-files episodes, “the post-modern prometheus”.

    hope you’re doing well.

  2. Ben Kessler Says:

    Is there somewhere I can see all of your Bonnaroo photos? I’m dying to live vicariously through your lens.

  3. Silent Disco Says:

    These are awesome photos of Roo – thanks for posting!

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