The Waiter

  • The waiter lit the candle at my table and unknowingly put that last finishing touch on my romantic evening of one.
  • Sitting alone in a café at a table set for four- one by one, people approach, needing the empty chairs more than I do. Until there was one.
  • I ordered chaos, she asked if she should leave room for cream and sugar.
  • She was a moment of grace, left over from ten years ago
  • Driving home one afternoon in the pouring rain, I stopped at a red light; on the corner to the right stood a blind man, his head turned up to the sky, smiling. He had no way of knowing, I began to cry.
  • He liked being submissive and she was just born big.
  • During the presentation of an award delivered posthumously, a guest stopped eating his small dinner salad, and turning to his wife, asked, “Did they say how she died?” “No,” the wife replied. The man turned back and continued eating his salad.
  • The feeling that human nature is contagious.

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