One Dollar

I want to trade dollars with you. I found mine on Wednesday. I will have small, signed and numbered prints available for $1.00

It’s quite simple, I give you one dollar you give me $1.00

If interested contact me:

or simply send a SASE +$1 to 58 Polder Dr. / Langhorne PA/ 19053


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6 Responses to “One Dollar”

  1. Ben Kessler Says:

    Make it clear that people have to send you a dollar *bill*. Or do you not mind if it’s change? πŸ˜‰

  2. Justin Solitrin Says:

    A bill is not necessary, but if you do send change, I may have to just send you constituent parts of the photograph. Also, I can break a five if necessary- you’ll receive 5 one dollars.

  3. Cressa Says:

    ooooh i want one. then when you get famous i can sell it at sotheby’s for $1 times 10,000. or maybe i’ll get two. so then i can sell one at sotheby’s for $1 times 10,000 and still have one for my fridge.

  4. lwayswright Says:

    I got your comment back to mine. I just couldn’t find how to locate David or his blog! You are a great writer and very creative! This dollar thing is great…impressive and fun.

  5. enchanted707 Says:

    You are just way too creative! This dollar thing is too much fun, I want to join in on the fun and the creativity also! πŸ™‚

  6. Alice Says:

    Does it have to be a dollar, could I send you an English Pound? (stuck to some card, so it doesn’t rattle around!)

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