56 Birthdays

Yesterday, I stopped to grab a slice of pizza for a lunch alone. Walking out to my car, I was approached by a man with gray hair, a gray beard, and a spark of blue in his gray eyes. He addressed me, “Sir” (this caught me off-guard, as I am certainly not used to any kind of formal address), “Sir, do you think you can spare any change?” “It is my 56th birthday,” the man explained, “and no one gave me a card, or a cake, or anything… I have had some hard luck and am fighting to get by, do you think you can spare any change?”

“Hold on,” I said, “follow me.” and we walked to the corner market, I picked him up a pack of cupcakes…

No candles, no party hats, but we celebrated a 56th birthday over cellophane-wrapped cupcakes.


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3 Responses to “56 Birthdays”

  1. Dan Says:

    Awesome story man, good gesture too. I like that you got him FOOD instead of giving him MONEY- so many people fail to realize that’s all it takes. Everyone shuns the homeless cause they think they are just taking the money to buy booze, which is probably true- but you can still buy them food and if their genuine, they will appreciate it. Nice work.

  2. Shalini Says:

    I like this idea. Cupcakes make everything better.

  3. alexis Says:

    What an incredible story and moment. thank you for being so kind-there is not enough care in the world.

    also-thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog about the wallets!

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