If I Write About You On This Blog.

David Horvitz presents, “Things for sale that I will mail you” which is possibly the single best use of Paypal ever. Humor, thoughtfulness, curiosity, and creativity manifest themselves in a sort of poetic quirkiness that DH has thrown out into the world.

I just shot a polaroid and sealed it in an envelope before it started developing. Whoever opens the envelope will see it for the first time.
His work deals not just with commerce and exploration, but also with temporality, futility, and distance- tying the whole lot together with an appreciation for semiotics and irony.
I especially enjoy how he has made games out of projects, or are they projects out of games?
Furthermore: A personal note to DH
Perhaps it is possible for us to meet sometime… over a cup of coffee and guarded conversation. I can tell you about the overturned tractor-trailer I saw last week… how it lay on its side like a dinosaur, frozen and dusted with snow. The agony of a heavy thing unable to right itself, a skeleton, a monument. Function turned 90 degrees. OR I can ask you what your favorite word is… OR we could just set a time (EST), show up alone each to our own coffee shop- enjoy a very one-sided / two-way conversation, and send each other a photo of our respective empty cups.

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2 Responses to “If I Write About You On This Blog.”

  1. Quantum Meet « Pigeon English Says:

    […] Arising from an earlier post and open letter to David Horvitz, a small project came together. David and I agreed to meet on […]

  2. lwayswright Says:

    Okay…I did write a couple of comments to you regarding David and his incredible ideas….this is the stuff bloggers like me live for! ( that and publication of course LOL)

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