Anblick und Ton

This morning’s conversation found itself moving in the direction of sight and sound. Last week I had a chance to explore a bit of NYC and a few shows in Chelsea. Alan Klotz was exhibiting “The Sadness of Men”, work from Philip Perkis’ recently published book; Silverstein Photography was hosting Rosalind Solomon’s “Inside Out” ; Clampart was home to Brian Finke’s Flight Attendents; and Deborah Bell was hosting City Portraits. The white walls of galleries and museums serve to effectively separate the works from outside context, leaving the viewer in a timeless space- noiseless, trafficless, and clinical hallowed grounds of visual art.

Many times I find myself observing through the windows of my car during my daily commutes, these observations, coupled with the radio songs turn my windows and windshield into frames of irony- sight and sound, disparate and united. The still camera contros what the viewer sees, does not see, and removes this slice of time from the original context from where it came. During last years Lomography conference, artist Boz Temple Morris set his challenge at the labyrinth of the LomoWorldWall in Trafalgar Square and applied the principles of Lomography to an audio experience. Using analogue equipment and allowing for actual and real-time sound to accidentally mix with the recorded sound, he explored the process and experience of photography within a space. The story someone is listening to will be re-lived through the images that he takes whilst listening to it. One story becomes many stories.

Johan Söderberg re-edited vintage film of an evangelical meeting for the Swedish band Familjen.

image + sound = new context…

and from Söderberg, new context = amazing.


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