Pause, To Begin


Sooty Shearwaters look alive, Dave Wright and Ethan Jones are getting ready to travel- but these migratory birds need not worry too much about sharing their air space, as the boys are traveling with all four wheels on the ground. Their project: Pause, to Begin takes them across the country seeking to make a connection with emerging American photographers.

This is the statement from Ethan and Dave (Puffinus Griseus Photograficas):

Pause, to Begin is a unique, new photography competition currently accepting applications now until April 1, 2008, and the selected finalists will be announced online April 15, 2008. Ethan and David, the founders of Pause, to Begin, will hit the road in May, 2008 with a documentary filmmaker to visit the selected finalists and record the time they experience together.

By traveling to meet the selected finalists in-person, Pause, to Begin becomes a publication that reflects not only the visited photographers and their process for creating, but also the journey of making Pause, to Begin.

The word “pause” implies a stop to see, feel, and understand what one is photographing. We believe that by pausing the true potential of a photograph can be realized, discovered, and expanded upon. This allows one to “begin” to not only reflect about why he or she is making a photograph, but also gives them the opportunity to explore with their photography.

The first year of Pause, to Begin culminates in November, 2008 with the release of a limited edition, hard-bound fine art book that is distributed to important creatives in the photographic industry and available online for purchase. The selected photographers will also be exhibited at a to-be-announced gallery that will coincide with the book release celebration.

Visit them at Pause, to Begin


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2 Responses to “Pause, To Begin”

  1. Dan Says:

    Sounds like a cool idea- do you know the authors personally? Are they from RIT or just something you came upon?

  2. Justin Solitrin Says:

    Yes, the two are former RIT students of photography. Dave is an ’06 grad, and Ethan and ’07. Check out for Dave’s personal website. Feel free to spread word of the PTB project as well.

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