I decided to send out some mail this week… some letters were well overdue, others were in appreciation, and another marks the continuation of a letter exchange with someone I have yet to meet. Snail mail left Rochester on Thursday bound for sites around the continental United States… The scent of postal service must be in the air this time of month- as, the following day I received several pieces- ranging from a CD and an insincere gesture, to a postcard written in Portland and postmarked in Reno, to a killer t-shirt by way of Boston. Also, this past weekend I was lucky enough to receive something from Chicago. This one, however, was not handled by the USPS; rather, by JetBlue. Allison visited, and on Saturday we took a trip up to Niagara Falls, Canada. The adventure found us in the company of such human wonders as Gene Simmons himself… We rode a Canadian escalator with the KISS frontman.




A Gene Simmons reference always provides an excellent segue into kissing.






We also carried out our plan for a stampless mailing, leaving a postcard for a friend… well-hidden in the Niagara Falls gift shop, strategically placed under Murray the Moose’s back hoof.







The stream of consciousness map for this entry proceeds as follows:

Receiving mail > receiving a guest > going on a Canadian adventure with said guest > A Gene Simmons sighting > KISS > kissing…

and then the whole journey is loosely tied back together with a piece of mail, left for a friend in Canada, while on an adventure with said guest.


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