Snow Drifting to Sleep

The bed sheets looked like snow drifts as I tucked myself in to the warm winter.


A week on the road and while everyone else in the world was eating leftovers I was making friends and finding butterflies. On Sunday I said my goodbyes, and left for Rochester in the early afternoon. I managed to get as far as Verona, NY before my car made alternative plans. I sat in the driver’s seat, singing to the Talking Heads; the windshield wipers kept a steady beat as they cleared the flakes of snow… meanwhile underneath the hood of the Chevy Malibu trouble was brewing. I pressed on, oblivious to the strained serpentine belt that was slowly failing only a couple feet in front of me. A serpentine belt sits next to the engine and maintains its tension via a spring-loaded pulley. The belt connects to and helps function your alternator, power steering, air conditioning and water pump.

My serpentine belt broke on the New York State Thruway, putting a quick end to the convenience of power steering and coolant system. I caught a tow to a service station in Oneida and checked in to a motel. After a week of falling asleep in a warm bed I was now alone with little company aside from the Gideon Bible tucked away in the nightstand drawer.

Back in Rochester now with a new serpentine belt, snow on the ground, and a certain melancholy that seems to have attached itself to me during my exit from Boston.

Looking out my window, the snow drifts look like white linens as I tuck myself in to the cold bed.


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