Obstacles, Trouble, and Treachery- I May Be Dreaming About You.

There is evidence to support the notion that we all possess the potential to incubate dreams – in other words, conjure up dreams to order. Whether they are romantic encounters, dreams that furnish solutions to problems, or even lucid dreams, with time and effort, they can be evoked.Ancient civilizations were well aware of the potential of dream incubation. The Egyptians, for example, built temples called Serapeums, named after Serapis, the god of dreams. It wasn’t unusual for the expectant dreamer to undergo various procedures including cleansing, purging, offering up prayer and so forth, in order to experience the desired dream.

And what of the role of the dream synthesized by the subconscious? – serendipitous products of the everyday.

Recently, I have been having recurring dreams involving snake- the most common situation finds me trying to catch and control the snake, struggling to hold it’s mouth shut with both hands. Each time, the snake is able to fight off my attempts and sink it’s fangs into my hands. One dream even found me grappling with a self-sacrificing snake, pushing its sharp teeth through itself in a successful attempt to envenomate me. The nightly serpentine visits find only my hands bitten…

-To see a snake or be bitten by one in your dream, signifies hidden fears and worries that are threatening you. Your dream may be alerting you to something in your waking life that you are not aware of or that has not yet surfaced.

-However, according to the oracles, snakes in a dream are warnings of various troubles, obstacles, or treachery. Of course the colors and other details must be carefully considered, but as a general rule: to dream that you were bitten by one portends a period of struggle against unfortunate circumstances, and if it was a cobra, it carries a special warning to guard against accidents in the following few weeks.

-Snakes often represent troublesome situations that are intimidating and disturbing. These situations are very complex, and it is difficult to deal with them, you might get hurt. Sometimes, a snake stands for your enemies who are threatening you.

So… a snake that bites only my hands, one ends up hurting itself in its efforts to poison me, and over and over again I attempt to save myself from it while going out of my way to make contact with it

-I hope that you are not the snake.


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