I left Rochester on Thursday night, bound for Philly- end destination: NYC for events coinciding with PDN’s PhotoPlus Expo. I drove through the night; giving duet performances with the FM waves of Stevie Wonder to an audience of one… (myself). I arrived in New York by train on Friday morning, in time to catch the subway to SoHo for a quick meeting with Inked magazine, then back uptown for a quick stop at the expo and off to the nights events:

The RIT Alumni Party
* laughs and drinks flowed freely as you can plainly tell by the look above on Bill Dubois’ face
Splashlight Studio’s PDN Open House Party
Digital Railroad’s Party
(which can only be described as a dionysian orgy of glowsticks and vodka)

I spent the night in Brooklyn with my friend Faith and a wide-eyed little cat named Butters. Saturday brought me back into Manhattan and gave me the chance to see Rick for the first time in a while. Brandishing the Yashica Samurai half-frame camera, he looked like he had been thawed from a cryonics experiment circa 1991.


We ran around the city for a short while and played a game of catch-up and stopping at the Hells Kitchen Flea Market before grabbing a bite to eat. Saturday’s events ended with the ‘Panache Party’ at Death By Audio in Williamsburg where some friends (Kenny, Cara, Tina, Faith, and Myself) met up to see AIDSWolf, Yip Yip, and company carry out their musical experimentation throughout the night.

On Sunday, in the most exciting way, I ran into Chuck Close catching a little sun and fresh air outside of his studio. I said hello, he asked me if I was a photographer- I told him No… Just a presumptuous student- then asked if he would mind taking a look at my work prints. He questioned my printing of the Interstitial Transition series, but said he really liked my portraiture… a pretty shining compliment from a modern master of the painted portrait.


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