The Artists Formally Known As Prints(wap)


Sunday brought an eclectic roster of photographers to Shepard street for an exchange of talent, conversation, and photography. September 16th marked the first print swap of the ’07-’08 year and a handful of people braved the end of the Rochester summer to make it out for a relaxed evening of laughs, print exchanges, and all the rest of the youthful bullshit that goes along with the territory.

The list of artists present included:
Justin Solitrin, Kyle Ferino, Dylan Knapp, Hannah Price, Eric Ruby, Matt Aprea, Carter Rowley, Austin Whitney, Scott Rounds, and Sam Bacarisse (who it has not yet been determined whether he has ever used a camera before- IOU’s are pending)

carter72.jpg hannah72.jpg

kyle72.jpg matt72.jpg

ruby72.jpg sam72.jpg

scott72.jpg austin72.jpg


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2 Responses to “The Artists Formally Known As Prints(wap)”

  1. isthatafireparade Says:

    Sweet job justin. Those pictures look awesome…the evolution of Print Swap. Thanks for keeping it going. Glad to see everyone is alive and well. Except Austin, nothing has changed.

  2. tiddlywink Says:

    i feel cold and sad for not being able to participate. someday i hope… love you all

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