Psu Psu Pseud(i)o

Last night was the first night of La Festa de Gracia, and my third hostel in as many days. I met up with a guy from the West Coast and an Australian girl, and in each other, found partners in crime.

We spent the day exploring the city, sharing a good meal and conversation… and ended up spending the night amidst the chaos of La Festa. The streets are decorated with themes ranging from modern artists, to sweets, to a giant outdoor vegetable garden, and even a robots street. Earlier in the day parades of costumed peoples ran around the city dressed as members of the royal court.

Last nights´ highlights included ending up at one bar and nursing a couple drinks while Tina Turner and Phil Collins CD´s played on loop. The bartender bore an uncanny resemblance to Phil Collins… I suspect a bit of shameless self-promotion as he poured drinks.. hoping that he may someday live up to the artistry of Peter Gabriel.


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2 Responses to “Psu Psu Pseud(i)o”

  1. Dad Says:

    I’m not sure about the costumes, although we know Chelsea likes to dress up, and of course us as the royals go without saying.

    We will however play the entire albums from Tina, and Phil, and have one helleva La Festa when you come home. Glad you are enjoying yourself, miss you, love you!

    Stay safe,


  2. mom Says:


    me amo tu mucho

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