8:00 am

It’s 8:00 in the morning here… 3am at home- and everyone is asleep- I can feel it. The safety net of home is 3,549 miles away, an empty bed that used to fit me comfortably. A six hour drive north sits an empty bed in a room full of life- neatly packaged in cardboard boxes. It’s a Bukowski morning and I feel a bit like a ghost. Strange, how some days you can feel like your are on top of the world, one of those days where it is easy to imagine a life with theme music; and then there are the other days when you wake up and even a sunny day is no consolation to loneliness. The dust has settled a bit and I suppose I am a bit too comfortable- it’s that deceptive sort of comfort that allows you to waste a day here and there… a 24 hours without a receipt.

I woke up slowly today.

I think next week is a good time to rattle my cage, kick up the dust with a train ticket and the promise of an adventure. It’s a Bukowski morning and I feel like tonight is a good night for a drink.


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3 Responses to “8:00 am”

  1. mom Says:

    and even as I sleep you are and always will be in my heart and in my soul
    every adventure you you seek out and take on will be an adventure I live vicariously through!!
    3,549 is just a number and boxes are ment to keep things in….You! my beautiful beautiful boy were ment to fly!!!
    savor those adventures keep them close to your heart enjoy the music whether it be happy or sad.
    and always know that home is only a heart beat away!!!
    I love you and miss you (more)

  2. aviv Says:

    it happens to me too sir. happening presently. a bowl of cereal and a date with rumble fish isn’t really helping.

  3. mom Says:

    come home also….You are in need of a good brownie mix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think we all are
    I miss you

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