Tangential Sleep

Last night I found out that I have not gotten the Queen tangent out of my system- I blame, in part, the Mika-saturated radio stations. I can not remember what last nights dream was about (I vaguely remember some piece of wood stuck in my palm and my attempts to remove it… vivid dreams of sliced palms that faded quickly after waking), but I did awake to “Flash” stuck in my head. Normally I would never admit to having such a ridiculous song on my mind, but there is something about it…

In hopes of ridding myself of this brain-block of Queen, I pass on to you “Flash,” the title track off the 1980 Flash Gordon movie.

And in case you were wondering, since traveling to planet Mongo- Sam J. Jones has appeared as:
-Eric in a 1984 episode of the A-Team
-Jackson in 1992’s “Night Rhythm”
-Fist Sullivan in Fist of Honor (1993)
-Tyler in Fists of Iron (1995)
-Mick Stanley in a couple episodes of “Walker Texas Ranger”

In the infinite wisdom of online dream interpreters; an injured or cut hand denotes that someone else is garnering the rewards that are rightfully yours- I am not sure what a large open palm wound, a massive wood splinter and the Planet Mongo have to do with my subconscious, but one thing is for sure- In the next few days I will be especially careful of Sam J. Jones, Max von Sydow (Maybe this is some kind of beyond the grave message from Ingmar Bergman), and Prince Vultan.


2 Responses to “Tangential Sleep”

  1. mom Says:

    giant slivers of wood stuck in your hand, The song flash (savers of the universe)
    sounds like you have been watching too many Hero’s episode’s !!!!!!

    (be careful what you drink before bed )

  2. Larry Solitrin Says:

    I hope this dream did not include a naked Pinocchio, but that might explain things a little better. It brings a new meaning to “when you wish upon a star”.

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