Recent String of Mismatched Pairings


People all of the world continue to learn the meaning of opposites-

The facilitated encounters between tall and short continue.
First, we saw the World’s Tallest Man meet the World’s Shortest
The novelty has caught on and investments into the world of short and tall meetings has grown exponentially.

Now, The World’s Tallest Horse meets the World’s Shortest

I am not sure what it is that makes people want to put big things next to little things and laugh at the result.

But apparently we have been doing it for a long time-

You can even entertain yourself with a $13.95 mismatch of your own
Li’l Sideshow World’s Tallest Man & World’s Smallest Man Play Set


One Response to “Recent String of Mismatched Pairings”

  1. Chelsea Says:

    Please bring me pingping.

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