The Hairy-Handed Gent Who Ran Amuck in Kent

Stepping outside on Saturday I found deceptively nice weather and hopped a train for London. I wanted to check out the Gagosian gallery and their Jeff Koons exhibition. The Gagosian Britania St. is showing Hulk Elvis, a series of huge paintings from the Koons studio and the Gagosian Davies St. is showing Popeye, the giant aluminum and steel sculpted “infalatbles.” At Britania St. I found a Postmodern taste of home- Hulk Elvi flanking the Liberty Bell.


For Koons, these paintings represent a mature body of work, both heroic and strong. Hulk Elvis gets its name from the figures pose- The Incredible Hulk meets Andy Warhol’s well known screen printed Elvis.

After my foray into the PoMo world I needed to find some cover… the deceptively nice weather took a turn for the wet. I found my shelter from the storm in a chinese restaurant… which one? you might ask- Well, when you are walking through the streets of SoHo in the rain, there is only one place you can go, Lee Ho Fooks.


I passed on the big dish of beef chow mein, but I did enjoy a nice large bowl of wonton noodle soup.

I also picked up some classic postcards in SoHo, but unfortunately I do not have anyone’s address. Should you take me up on the offer- I have handwritten posts ready to be written.


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