The Electric Company

 It seems that trendy towels have thrown me on a Freddie Mercury tangent (or maybe it was Mika’s resurrection of a love of BBW). Electric Six is a six piece Detroit band who have found some underground success with songs like Gay Bar, Dance Commander, and Danger! High Voltage; but their relevant piece de resistance is their appropriation of Radio Ga Ga along with its questionably-in-bad-taste music video.

 If you need more of a Freddie fill, you can visit Montreaux Switzerland- home of the Freddie Mercury memorial statue; or purchase your very own 1/8 scale monument. You can even become a master of dexterity and mental acuity with the Freddie Mercury tribute puzzle.


One Response to “The Electric Company”

  1. Larry Solitrin Says:

    Didn’t he use to be a 70’s porn star ? I would recognize the poodles anywhere. The stuffed sock is a nice touch and a dead givaway. I think it was called “Going Ga Ga”

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