Art Car Boot


YBA’s abound. Last Sunday brought me to the 2007 Art Car Boot Fair, held at the Old Truman Brewery in the Bricklane section of London. Picking up where Joshua Compton’s ‘Fete Worse Than Death’ and Gavin Turk’s ‘ Livestock Market’ and attempting to combat the commercial London art scene, the Art Car Boot Fair seemed like some product of a passionate night shared by Vaudeville and The Merry Pranksters. Beside the sights, sounds, and smells- the festival offered, in the words of the Times “Fine Art at Fair Prices” and featured work and appearances by such artists as Tracy Emin, Abigail Lane,Vivienne Westwood, and Peter Blake (you may have seen his work on the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club album cover). Quirks ran rampant, ranging from performances by The Rubbishmen of Soho and DJ Lush, boot offerings from Le Gun, Swedish Blonde, Scrawl Collective, Peter Fuss, ArtLab, Rose Blake, and John Clayman.


One artist installation consisted of a puzzle beach. Hundreds of thousands of jigsaw pieces replaced sand in this beach. Children and adults alike built puzzle-castles, burried each other, and shared picnic lunches in the beach.

After the fair we found ourselves drawn towards a South African street barbecue. James was more than excited to pound down a few boerewors. After enjoying some lekker sausage we shipped off to explore the Bricklane section.


For some, it was a tougher day than most; but for me it just became tough to tell the difference between the quirky artist installations and the passed out drunks. [Me posing next to an installation OR a daytime drunk]


One Response to “Art Car Boot”

  1. Nikki Levy aka BIG FAN Says:

    that is classic…im glad i took it. Hope it gets a few laughs.

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