Condition Grounded but Determined To Try


This Pigeon is learning to fly. As of this post, the Pigeon English blog has recieved 1,148 visits; this being said, I feel as though I cannot sufficiently entertain all of these lost web browsers who stumble upon the site- So, I am asking for a little help during the work week. I will be accepting guest submissions for the blog to be posted in between my updates.

Submissions can be sent to me via e-mail:
Feel free to come up with some Pigeon English of your own.

Accepting: the visual, verbal, visceral, drawings, reviews, rants, blasphemies, heresies, the analytical, screenplays, dictums, questions, rhetoric, the mundane, inane, and insane, aphorisms, suggestions, impressions, exceptions.

Anything you want to deliver to my e-mail box will be up for review.


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