Timothy McSweeney Practices Baroque Hand Gestures While Grimacing in a Modernist Way

These posts are arriving by way of Suzanne Yeagley at McSweeney’s. They are selections from here series Interviews With People Who Have Interesting or Unusual Jobs

Kameron Bashi, Pharmaceutical Guinea Pig

Pete Harman, Making Snow

I Was in the Navy (Sort Of): An Interview With Alex MacInnis

David Kruchowski, Working at a Strip Club With Mom

Putting an Orange-Juice-like Drink in the Hopper: An Interview with Tony Meehan

Jackie Watson, on Calling BINGO

Just Call Me Zippy, An Interview With Amy Barich

An Interview with Avril Watson, Former Magician’s Assistant

Wearing a Shower Cap and Raking the Chips, An Interview with Tom Cooney

An Interview with Sara Willkomm, President of a Michael Ian Black Fan Club

Buying Malt Liquor With Nickels

I Ran the Scrambler: An Interview with Kim Engler

Also, the call for entries for Le Gun #4 has been released. You can find it here.

The next deadline for submissions is September 01 2007, and LE GUN #4 will be constructed according to the immortal words of Herbert Fischl and Aleister Crowley. That is to say,
do what thou wilst…

Le Gun has made its name with such events as Belly-Art and Hobo Disco. Check out work by Neal Fox; self-proclaimed amazing illustrator and drinker.


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