Visual and Other Pleasures

This afternoon I will be meeting with the staff of the University of East London regarding their launch of the Matrix East Research Lab at their Docklands campus. The program is under the Directorship of Prof. Haim Bresheeth and will feature input from Professor Laura Mulvey. Mulvey is a acclaimed academic and film-maker. Her academic works include:
Visual and Other Pleasures
Death 24x a Second: Stillness and the Moving Image
Fetishism and Curiosity

Her short piece “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” is a seminal essay, cited more often than almost any other single article on the movies. In the line of Lacan, Barthes, and Godard… Mulvey is the contemporary authority on feminist critical pursuit and “the gaze.”

A side note: I am not sure if this commercial is airing in the states, but out here apparently no one can resist infantile nudity when it comes to choosing drinking water. I am not sure what exactly it means, perhaps a reference to Evian spring water being as pure as appendage-less, diving babies? Or is Evian perhaps the fountain of anatomically incorrect youth? Regardless, I do not want anything swimming in my spring water.

Check out what bottled delights the upper classes can now afford to drink- Naked Baby Water


2 Responses to “Visual and Other Pleasures”

  1. Larry Solitrin Says:

    Please read the comment in the following section.

    Doggie Daddy

  2. mom Says:

    bring me home a bottle of naked baby water

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