Low Brow for Larry

Sorry for anything remotely educational- In response to dad’s comment I suppose I should reveal some things…

 Inspired by Kenny and Spenny I did attempt a bit of genital weight lifting. You should all be happy to know that my nutsack can support roughly 1 stone. Now, this sounds unimpressive, but in metrics 1 stone = 14 lbs. Luckily the Sainsbury’s, aside from two aisles devoted to potato chips, carries this. I used all 8.5 ounces and my testicles have become semi-recognizable again.

 Also, the television stations run what is basically 24 hour porn hotlines. Essentially a guy can call up and speak live to a large, half-naked British woman with terrible teeth and watch her roll around on a couch as he uses his phoneless hand in front of the TV. There are about 12 different stations each featuring an equally unattractive woman.

 The nightlife here is lacking in the life dept. Harlow is a ways from London proper, but we do have a local pub called The Willow Beauty for pool and pints. I hear that the clubs in London are fun but they  carry a cover charge of around £45 a person. This means, just to get into a club with a date runs about $180.

Sticking to pints and pool for now. My pay is nice, but I suppose it is a good thing that I have not been on too many dates. (total so far = well…. 0)  Nikki is in Paris right now and will be coming in for a week on the 8th of July, I am looking forward to that.

 Off to do some drinking, pool sharking, and genital weight lifting… in that order.


3 Responses to “Low Brow for Larry”

  1. Larry Solitrin Says:

    Now that’s my boy!!!!!

    I already know how smart you are…it’s the smartass I don’t want you to forget.

    Luv Ya

  2. Larry Solitrin Says:

    Since everyone usually reads from top to bottom this one is really gonna confuse the hell out of people…at least til they get to “Kenny and Spenny” section.

  3. Nikki Levy aka BIG FAN Says:

    yay!!!! i made your blog!! your awesome. paris is beautiful, wish we could roam together. see ya in a few weeks…..

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