Kenny Vs. Spenny

Unfortunately and unexpectedly I have not seen an episode Ed Vs. Spencer here, but they do have a dopple-show called Kenny Vs. Spenny. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept- the show features two housemates that challenge each other to weekly competitions. One roommate (Spencer and Kenny) is logical, a little high strung, but proper in his quest for superiority, while the other (Ed and Spenny) is underhanded, cheating, and harsh. The loser of each competition is subjected to a punishment of the winner’s choosing.

Last Thursday’s episode of Kenny Vs. Spenny saw a Shaolin monk inspired competition of genital weightlifting. Aside from the southern torture, this episode featured such great lines as: “rub the bagels on your tits” “there’s just something about abusing Bobby that is just not as fulfilling as abusing Spenny” “now we’re both handicapped” “I don’t have to take you to the bathroom do I? Oh… maybe once a day for a shit”

So, the prospect of lower bodybuilding scared off Spenny and the episode became a search for a replacement housemate for Kenny. Candidates included a roid-raged and shirtless push-up fiend in a santa hat, a 900 pound woman in an motorized wheelchair, and a foreign speaking guitar-playing midget.

Please feel free to take a moment and compare the the original Canadian show to its British counterpart:

Kenny Vs. Spenny “Who Can Stay Homeless the Longest”
Part I
Part II
Part III

Ed Vs. Spencer
Who Can Make Himself the Sickest?
Who Do Kids Like More?
Who Can Make Himself More Famous?


2 Responses to “Kenny Vs. Spenny”

  1. Larry Solitrin Says:

    Have you given any thought about trying out? I have heard you come up with many challenges that would beat theirs.

    Also can you cut the “high brow” shit for a moment and write some more of your funny observations?

    I know you want to educate people, but let us know how the bars are, is there a nightlife, have you tried to lift anything with your genitals?

    Love ya…Miss ya


  2. ketogenic state Says:

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