And Here’s the Mailbox, Hollow Black Queens


One of the worksights for a foreign construction company on Hayley’s Manor

In case you were curious what I have been doing with my weekdays in the Innova compound, here goes. The Innova farm “Hayley’s Manor” looks a lot like some sort of Polish village attempting-to-industrialize, or a scene from a WWII POW movie.

While I’m not busy with my Klink-frustrating shenanigans or hiding secret messages in chess pieces for the other boys in the Stalag to find, I have been busy preparing blue wool light fastness tests for all of the Innova media lines. This involves creating patch tests on the full line of substrates on different output devices which will then be sent to a lab and stuck against a wall of xenon bulbs to simulate months of constant daylight. These samples will be compared to control strips of blue-dyed wool, through the comparisons each paper will be given a light fastness rating. Starting next week I will be working on some rigorous print testing of the company’s media, drawing up some updated product descriptions and doing some R&D work with a few prototype papers. On Tuesday I will be making a trip out to the University of East London to do some consulting as they establish their new book arts program in association with their color management and design schools. As well, I have been requested for a job in the Netherlands and will probably head out there for a week or so sometime between the end of July and the middle of August.


One Response to “And Here’s the Mailbox, Hollow Black Queens”

  1. mom Says:

    huh blue wool light fastness tests???
    patch tests on what??
    you may as well be speaking french
    (I think I created a genious)

    Im still struggling to make a smile face

    I love you

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