So the weekend trip to Cornwall was a bust. The past few days have seen some rain and flooding in the west.

Instead I spent the day under drizzling skies exploring the town of Harlow. The town is a London suburb built shortly after World War II. The town itself is built on a Roman settlement dating from around the 3rd century. Excavations during the 1970s unearthed a roman temple and a mosaic floor, itself built on top of an earlier Iron Age temple.

 Last night the boys and I ate a proper lambchop dinner before stopping by the pub for a couple drinks. Tomorrow the weather promises to be a little nicer and I will be trying to make it out to London center.

 In the mean time, chew on this $286 billion plan that the president has signed. This NAFTA superhighway seems to be big news here, but I can honestly say I had never heard of such plans while in the states. Is this a push for a North American Union? America has already sold many of its ports to foreign companies, and now a Spanish company is said to own the projected Trans-Texas Corridor (NAFTA Superhighway) tollroads.


2 Responses to “Cornwalled.”

  1. Nikki Levy aka BIG FAN Says:

    England seems fun to explore….can i come join you after my travels?

  2. Ben Kessler Says:

    mmmm lamb chops. dude, link up my blog! I’ve got you…

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