Lands End Is More Than Just a Catalogue?

This afternoon I will be moving to Harlow and crashing with the South African bunch. With half a week already under my belt, I am just now getting used to the time difference and the dreary weather- Although I have been listening to WXPN on the internet radio and it sounds like the weather is similarly wet at home. Tomorrow my new housemates and I are off on a 6 hour drive heading southwest towards Lands End. This is not however the Lands End of polos, button-downs, turtlenecks, and sandals- rather, the mystical land of giants, mermaids, and Cornish piskies. Yes, the Cornish have piskies – a sort of illiterate version of our own meddling pixies. Cornwall is also home to the Cornish hen; a poultry known for its short legs and broad muscular breasts (the Alicia Mauro of the chicken world).

Unfortunately for me, when I came into the country I chose to fly into London Heathrow and not Gatwick, which meant I missed this.

And for those of you who may have come across this article, rest assure that the rampaging squirrel never made it out of Germany. Lucky for everyone (except the three attacked) that a 72-year old man was able to kill the savage little beast with his crutch.


3 Responses to “Lands End Is More Than Just a Catalogue?”

  1. Richard Says:

    hey friend,

    the alicia mauro joke made me laugh very hard. enjoy the weekend

  2. ben Says:

    TRUTH spoken; alicia mauro.

  3. Jess Says:

    brother! i miss you already.
    i am glad you are having fun, yet i wish i was there!
    i finally made it out of school. when you come home,
    bring me an elderly english man that i can call grampa,
    just because i hear they are cute.


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