AA- 12 Step Program


American Airlines: The Story of How many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Air Travel

Step 1: Admit that you are powerless over weather and the will of air traffic control
Step 2: Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of your belongings (making sure that none of your carry on liquids exceed 3.5 ounces)
Step 3: Come to find that a nap on an uncomfortable cot in JFK terminal B does little to restore your sanity from a 7 hour sit on a grounded airplane
Step 4: Decide where exactly the airline agent can shove the $10 meal voucher you were given at 1:00 am when there is absolutely nowhere you can use it
Step 5: Discover how many different and equally annoying ringtones some guy traveling to the Dominican Republic has on his cell phone
Step 6: Reach an understanding with TSA agents about the importance of having photo equipment hand checked
Step 7: Decide whether it is worth putting belt and shoes back on, knowing that every security checkpoint requires their removal
Step 8: Board second plane with crossed fingers and empty stomach
Step 9: Maintain your focus as a promising kosher meal on the tray table of the person to your right mocks you as you choke down a cold American Airlines ham sandwich with a side of M&M’s
Step 10: Establish a good report with your less-than-friendly customs official
Step 11: Figure out what a country code is
Step 12: Accept the fact that in order to place a payphone call you must make change (a mere $7 fee from the exchange service)

After a longer than expected trip, I have arrived in the UK.
Culture shock #1- riding as a passenger on what should be the driver’s side of the car, and needing to cross a lane of oncoming traffic to make a right turn. This and the unbelievably narrow roads made for a pretty intense butt pucker… my ass was clenched so tight that I’m pretty certain that circulation was cut to my legs.
Regaining proper bloodflow I started my first day of work. Over the next couple months I will be working on benchmark testing substrates and print systems and keeping everyone updated on my goings on.

Enjoying the UK
But I do miss PA (for obvious reasons of course).



10 Responses to “AA- 12 Step Program”

  1. t money schirmacher Says:

    nice pic LEE!

  2. aviv Says:

    i love you and you butt pucker.

    give england hell.

  3. Stephen Perloff Says:

    Next time catch the train at Platform 9 3/4. Have a great summer.

  4. tara Says:

    butt pucker. hahaha. love it!

  5. philipp Says:

    Hey man, I’m in moscow till the 22 of july. We should have a Yalta party when we get back. We’re gonna get Finland back.
    love phil

  6. mom Says:

    My Poor baby 😦
    and I agree with what Aviv said!!!!

  7. Aunt Mindi Says:

    Hey Justin,

    I’m glad you finally made it to London safe and somewhat sound. Take England by storm! Enjoy your summer!

  8. Dawn Says:

    Hello Justin-
    Have you ordered shrimp yet? They come with the legs and eyes still attached and it’s gross. If you have time while you’re there, you might look into the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) and their films; they had a garage sale during the summer I was there which was fun. Other places: The Hayward Gallery and the Royal Academy of Arts.

  9. Cressa Says:

    it is so cool that my dad left a harry potter-related comment on this.

  10. mom Says:

    tell Cressa that her dad’s Harry Potter related comment was so very cute and clever!!!!

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